Spooky Silly Kids: Can You Find Me v.2

From the best-selling series Spooky Silly Kids comes a new kids game of hidden objects. Fans of Where’s Waldo, I Spy and Highlight magazine will love this book.

Over 50 brightly colored pages and with over 125 objects that”ll keep kids coming back over and over again for hours.This kids game requires detective skills to sort out which is the real Spooky Silly Kids among a crowd of look-a-likes. Plus they’ll need to find the hidden objects that they’ve lost along the way. Also included in this hidden picture book, is find-the-differences games where they’ll need to use eagle-eyes to spot out all 50 differences. Do you think you can find over a 125 hidden objects and rank from “spooktacular” to “terrorific“?

You be the judge and grab book two of “Spooky Silly Kids: Can You Find Me?” today!